Solskjaer: Second place is not an achievement for Man Utd.


Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer accepts that completing a distant second within the Premier League standings doesn't comprise a big accomplishment for the Red Devils.

United as of now trail rivals Manchester City by 14 at the highest point of the table and look improbable to get Pep Guardiola's men before the finish of the season. However, while it would be just their second next in line finish within the first class since winning the league for the last time in 2012-13, Solskjaer is resolute they should aim higher. "You can't say that's an accomplishment," Solskjaer told journalists when asked concerning the benefits of completing second. "Our desire is significantly more than second place. I said that when I wasn't at the club, you can never be content with that and we're most certainly not. "Try not to misunderstand me, our aspiration is to get the team before us. "Right now [City] have had an awesome season, they have had three or four of them, and we know the test ahead of us. Be that as it may, we need to take it on. Assuming you don't, then you’re in the wrong place since that's the thing that i'm going for. "Players need to truly take that on with the sacrifices they need to make and the work they need to do. hard work must be put down in light of the fact that this is the best league on earth, and therefore the most troublesome."


One man who might disagree with Solskjaer's assessment is in all honesty Jose Mourinho. The Tottenham manager, who welcomes his previous club to north London on Sunday, was pleased with United's endeavors in completing 19 points behind City in second while he was in control in 2017-18. "It is hard to simply accept that we completed second since you are fit for making individuals that finish second seem as if they were relegated, and individuals who win nothing, finish below us, and you make them look like serial winners," he clarified back in 2018 while still United manager. "So it's hard for me to comprehend or to feel or to simply accept that we completed second, which I still say that I, and now and again it's additionally hard to simply accept that I won eight championships and three Premier Leagues. "Yet, I continue saying and thinking and feeling that the subsequent last season was perhaps the best accomplishment in the game."