I feel far more than sadness - Mourinho questions 'mentality' of Tottenham players after Europa League exit.


Jose Mourinho scrutinized the "disposition" of his Tottenham players and apologized to club fans after Thursday's stun Europa League exit. Tottenham blew a 2-0 total lead in Croatia as Dinamo Zagreb arose 3-0 as victors within the second leg of the last-16 tie at Maksimir Stadium.

Mislav Orsic scored a staggering hat-trick to end the game, with the rest of his goals coming in additional time, and Mourinho lamented his group's absence of appetite to dominate the match after the last whistle. "In the event that I fail to remember the foremost recent minutes of extra-time, where we planned something to get an alternate outcome and go through, within the 90 minutes and half of extra-time was one team that chose to leave everything on the pitch," Mourinho disclosed to BT Sport. "They left sweat, energy, blood. within the end they left even tears of satisfaction. Exceptionally modest and submitted. i want to applaud them. On the other side, my team. I repeat, my team. They didn't seem as if they were playing a big match. On the off chance that for any of them it is not significant, on behalf of me it's. "For the regard I have for my career and my job, each match is critical. for every Tottenham fan at home each match matters. Another attitude is required. to say I feel miserable isn't sufficient. "What I feel is significantly more than sadness. I just left Dinamo dressing area where I went to laud the folks and that i feel sorry that one team isn't my team that dominated the match dependent on disposition and bargain. I feel more than sadness. that is it. "Football is not just about players who think they have more quality than others. The premise of football is attitude. They beat us on that. I told the players the danger of playing the way in which we were. It happened on the grounds that I accept the players possibly acknowledged it had been in danger once they scored the second."


Spurs have just got one trophy to play for after being unloaded with regards to the Europa League, and they are in genuine danger of passing up a best four Premier League finish. Mourinho's side fell six points behind Chelsea, who presently possess the last Champions League spot, following a 2-1 derby rout to Arsenal at the end of the week, which denoted their 10th first class loss of the period. Tottenham could have equipped for the Europa rivalry by winning the Europa League, however they will currently need to win most of their excess ten games to have any desire for making the cut. The Lilywhites will likewise be weighty underdogs when they combat Premier League pioneers Manchester City within the Carabao final in May, and Mourinho's position could come into question before at that time if results don't get right away. "I can just apologize to the Tottenham allies," The Portuguese supervisor added in his group's most recent mishap. "I trust they feel a similar way I feel. "Today is live or die and at this point we die. In some different matches, I have an identical inclination. Until the most recent day of the period we need to aim to put forth a valiant effort." Tottenham will presently direct their concentration toward an absolute necessity win first class installation away at Aston Villa on Sunday, with the international break set to happen from there on.