How To Play

Hello everyone, I am Standoski and i want to teach you guys how to predict games and win big.

But before i start, i want to show you guys some facts behind football gambling.

Fact 1: There is nothing like fixed match.

This might sound strange to your hearing,but this is just the basic truth.

Dont let anyone deceive you with fixed matches, because it really do not exist.

Fifa will ban any coach involved in match fixing, and it's for life (remember samson Siasia.)

So take your mind away from sure games. it doesnt exist.

Because no football lover will buy their club tickets just to watch a fixed match. Think!

Fact 2: Gambling is a game of luck:

When gambling,have it in mind that you are only trying your luck.

And so gamble with your spare money only.

Now lets get down to business.

If you look at the first picture above,you will see something like, Home Games.

The home games is only the total number of games played at home by the club.

Lets take Manchester City for instance, If you look at the first picture, in England:Premier League, Manchester City have played a total of 5 home games.

In that 5 home games played [Team Form], they have 4 win, and 1 Loss.

And in their last 5 matches played [Home Games] , they have 3 win, 1 loss and 1 draw.

This is only their home statistics and not total statistics.


If you look at the second picture, Manchester City is playing against Southampton.

Now we only focused on Southampton away statistics, Since they are away.

And so far,Southampton have played 5 away games,and have won 2 away games, 1 draw and 2 loss so far.

They have 1 draw, and 4 away loss so far.

According to this Statistics,you can tell that Manchester City is likely going to win, with over 80% chances.

With this statistics, you can go on and on and predict as many matches as possible.

And never forget that you are only trying your luck, just keep on pushing until you get the winning that will make you rich.

And always remember to bet with your spare money. Good Luck Guys!!